The Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism Journal is an open access and peer-reviewed Journal, whose goal is to publish scientific articles in the field of clinical nutrition and metabolism. Therefore, the Journal publishes articles about different biochemical processes, specifically about energetic metabolism and nutritional regulations, nutritional therapy (enteral nutrition, parenteral nutrition, oral supplements, vitamin supplements), and the relationship between nutrition and disease.

The Journal will consider articles which present results from clinical studies that show the mechanisms, the effectiveness, and the advancements in the different stages of nutritional care: 1. Screening and assessment of nutritional status, 2. Diagnosis and nutritional plan, 3. Nutritional therapy (oral, enteral, or parenteral), 4. Monitoring and evaluation, and 5. Documentation.

Studies about dietary interventions in the context of prevention or treatment of chronic or acute diseases will also be considered. It is sought to encourage epidemiologic and public health studies related to clinical nutrition, as well as experimental or basic sciences research which use approaches from the “omic” sciences (epigenetics, and genomic, proteomic, or metabolomics studies). Publishing of opinion and research articles on epistemologic, historic, ethical, and sociological subjects in relation
to clinical nutrition is stimulated.

The Journal is edited every six months (May and October) with a multidisciplinary approach and a content of original articles, clinical cases, controversies, opinion and others (review articles, guest editorials, book reviews, interviews and letters to the Editor). Translations of guides and international consensuses are also part of the Journal. It receives works in Spanish, English, and Portuguese for publishing, and it possesses printed and online versions.

The Journal offers its production in an upright online (open access) fashion for the scientific community. Likewise, it doesn’t charge any fee throughout the editorial process for the publication
of the articles.

Editorial Board

Conflict of interest policy

Online version ISSN : 2619-3906

Printed version ISSN : 2619-564X

Contact Information

Diana Cárdenas

Phone: +57-1-2131018

Av. Carrera 15 # 118 -03 of. 513. Bogotá, Colombia

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